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Frequently asked questions for organisations

Q) If we are not existing members of UKCP do we simply apply to the PCIP College?
A) No. You will also need to apply to UKCP centrally - all organisations need to be verified by UKCP, whichever College they wish to join. In order to find out more please contact Alan McConnon Tel: 020 7014 9964 or email Alan.McConnon@ukcp.org.uk.

Q) If we are already a member of another UKCP College can we join the PCIP College?
A) Yes. You can apply directly to the College. Please contact the Chair of the Training and Assessment Committee via the College email address for information and application forms.

Q) We think we may wish to apply to the College but would like to get a more informed overview?
A) We encourage potential applicants to make contact with the College via the College email address: pccollegeukcp@gmail.com. If it could be helpful, we can arrange an opportunity to ask questions and talk through the application process.

Q) How much does it cost to apply for College membership?
A) The College requires a payment of £900 with the initial application. A further payment of £1,050 is payable when the application has moved forward to the site visit stage.

Q) How long does an application take?
A) This is difficult to answer as a great deal is dependant on the individual application and how many applications are being processed at any one time. We would hope to always keep the dialogue open with applicants in order that everyone is aware of progress and time frames.

Frequently asked questions for individuals

Q) Why do I have to apply via an Organisational Member of UKCP?
A) UKCP is an umbrella organisation with over 75 validated training and accrediting organisations. These Organisational Members act as the gatekeepers for individual practitioners' membership of UKCP.

Q) What do I get from being a UKCP member?
A) There are many benefits, including:

  • Inclusion in the National Register of Psychotherapists and/or National Register of Psychotherapeutic Counsellors.
  • A professional membership certificate.
  • Permission to use the UKCP members’ logo on your website or in print.
  • The Psychotherapist magazine, published three times a year.
  • Reduced fees for UKCP conferences and events.
  • A discount on UKCP-Karnac Series books.
  • The opportunity to join local, regional and on-line networks and special interest groups.
  • UKCP email updates on regulation, events and other news.
  • The opportunity to apply for a European Certificate for Psychotherapy and Counselling from the European Association for Psychotherapy

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