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The Psychotherapeutic Counselling & Intersubjective Psychotherapy College Flag Statement

Psychotherapeutic Counselling & Intersubjective Psychotherapy, as understood by the Psychotherapeutic Counselling & Intersubjective Psychotherapy College (PCIPC), is an interactive approach involving relational methodology at its centre. Central to all approaches is that psychotherapeutic counsellors/intersubjective psychotherapists consider the complexity of the person/client/patient within the context of their theoretical model. This is a non-modality specific section, which embraces the following principles

  1. The therapeutic alliance is key to all forms of Psychotherapeutic Counselling/Intersubjective Psychotherapy and the therapeutic relationship facilitates the opportunity for the client to experience acceptance, change and growth
  2. That a relationship-based method is common to all approaches, for some of which it is the actual main medium of work, and for others simply the necessary background framework.
  3. The qualities of the practitiner in interaction with the qualities of the client are seen as essential to an effective outcome. This is demonstrated by a belief in adequate emotonal preparation of the psychotherapeutic counsellor/intersubjective psychotherapist, for work of an intensity and complexity, which may be severely taxing of the practitioner’s personal resources, and capacity for response.
  4. That the training for a psychotherapeutic counsellor would be expected to be at the equivalent of undergraduate or post-graduate level. The training would be rigorous and thorough and would be based on linking skills, theory and practice.
  5. Inclusion within its field is both longer-term and shorter-term work, and work with different numbers and groupings of clients. This would be dependent on appropriate training for individual, couple or group work.
  6. That the psychotherapeutic counsellor/intersubjective psychotherapist would be required to be in supervision with an appropriately qualified supervisor.

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