The Competition for University Entry

Going to university is the end result of a lifetime of academic work for young students, and their achievements are an important part of what is submitted to admissions boards. Every good university has plenty of students who want to attend their school, so the winnowing process is very strict. While they rely heavily on academic scores, they also take into account a student’s non-academic achievements. Students and their parents must look to the future if they want to attend the best school for their future.


The non-academic achievements of a student include their extracurricular activities at school as well as at home, and parents as well as their children must be aware of the requirements. Volunteering has become a favoured way to sway admissions boards, but belonging to school sports teams or participating in other activities is also seen as crucial. In the end, a student must provide evidence they will be an excellent student who will contribute to both the university and society if they want a chance at gaining entrance to the school of their choice.